The Graduate Theological Union

The Graduate Theological Union

I call this My Seminary Blog, but there is one thing I should make clear: I’m not a seminarian. More precisely, I’m a doctoral student, studying Christian Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Union, which is (among other things) a consortium of seminaries and centers for religious study.



So technically I’m not a seminarian, but I do study at different seminaries. But my goal is not the priesthood. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to make a living reading, writing, and teaching about history, scripture, and the experience of being Christian in different times and different places—but doing that full-time is a way off.




The Pacific School of Religion

In the meantime, between all the research projects and papers and committees and meetings and the occasional parenting moment, I have this blog, which I expect will be about my experiences at the GTU, whatever side-projects I’ve got going on at the time, and also reflections about my own personal experiences of religion, spirituality, and life in general.



This semester, for example, I’m assistant teaching in a Christian History class at the Pacific School of Religion. Sooner or later you might see a post on my seminary blog about “5 Things I Learned Teaching for the First Time” (or whatever—it’s a working title).



You might also see, from time to time, posts about my upcoming book, The Apocalyptic Gospel (not a working title—that’s what we’re actually calling it). It’s been a pet project of mine for several years now, and it’s exciting to see it coming together. Turns out, my blog is the perfect place to chat it up.

by Justin Mark Staller

The Apocalyptic Gospel: Mystery, Revelation and Common Sense



And, finally: when I purchased, I had this fantasy where I would go to a lot of events during the week and write about them. This still might happen from time to time, but as it turns out, parenting a toddler, juggling school, working part time, and publishing (or trying to publish) a book is keeping me pretty busy. With all these (ugh) responsibilities, sometimes blogging feels like a vanity project. Thankfully, I’m vain, so even if I post in uneven fits and flurries, I’ll be back… eventually.

Written by Justin Staller

Justin studies Christian Spirituality at the GTU, where he received his M.A. in Biblical Languages after earning his B.A. in Religious Studies at Cal. Justin is also member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Association, and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

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